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black hair. Anyway日皮视频

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black hair. Anyway日皮视频

I told earlier about some of my boyhood adventures, so will share an experience from my teen years. At my school we had Jr. High and High school together in the same building, so younger and older boys mixed together more, unlike at a regular Jr. High, and I sometimes had crushes on older boys. Tony was a basketball player on the High school team. He had black hair and dark brown eyes and I had a crush on him before I ever saw him play. Then when I saw him on the court, I couldn't keep my eyes off his lean body and the black hair on his legs. My body was mostly smooth then and I was turned on by boys with some hair, but Tony's was the best. Most of all I liked to see him shoot baskets and the flash of his underarms with just the perfect amount of short, black hair. Anyway, I used to do anything I could to talk to him or just be near him. I was starting to like girls some but I wasn't attracted to them the same way I was to boys. I had gone through puberty by then and was more horny than ever. It seemed like I had a boner most of the time and sometimes between classes I would jack off in the boys bathroom, especially after seeing Tony in the hall. My dick was about average in length, maybe a little thicker than most boys my age. But what was different was my nipples. I had large nipples, bigger than any other boys I'd seen and I used to be embarrassed by them. I was very slim and my chest flat and hard with a bit of muscle starting to show, only my nipples were big. A couple of times at the pool some boys made fun of them, so I finally jumped one of them and made his nose bleed, so that was that. Even when I was very young they were bigger than other boys' but when I went through puberty it was like they swelled up more and stayed that way. Then they also got really sensitive. I could sometimes cum without even touching my dick but just by playing with my nipples, pulling on them and touching them just right. Anyway, I had a couple of buddies my age I messed around with a lot (secretly for sure in those days) and it was great but I was really more attracted to boys older and more developed.I never had trouble getting a date although I don't remember ever approaching a girl first. At school different girls would pursue me, so I just sorta went along. At that age you have a lot of insecurities and quirks and one of mine was that I hated being called 'cute', which I got all the time. Boys would give me shit about it and I got into some fights and into trouble, because I wanted to be tough, not cute. I was never feminine at all and played some sports but I wasn't as good at them as I had been as a kid. But I hated being 'cute' and probably made an idiot of myself acting up, trying to look and act tougher than I really was. Anyway, Tony was in High School, 11th grade, and I was in Jr. High, 9th grade. That doesn't seem like a big difference in age when you're an adult, but at that age, and in school, its huge. But I found ways to run into him, and used any excuse to talk to or be around him. It could have been like a lot of boys do, just looking up to an older, popular boy, but I knew it was more than that for me. As for Tony, I don't think he knew I existed most the time. I was just some brat kid that wanted attention or something. But he never made fun of me or gave me shit, like some of the other older boys did. Still, he didn't ever say anything but like 'oh yeah?' to one of my boasts, or 'see ya' almost as soon as I caught up with him him in the hall or somewhere. I admit, I shot many hot teen loads thinking about Tony. Just thinking about the black hair on his legs and underarms got me hotter than hell. The year passed into late fall and I was still taken with him, but I backed off some, I don't know why. I just didn't go up and try to talk to him so much anymore. But a few times I know he saw me looking at him, and I would get really messed up, like I didnt know what to do. He seemed to like me ok but obviously I was younger and he wasn't going to hang out with me. He dated probably the most popular girl at school and all the girls liked him, plus all his jock friends. Well, one night I went to a football game and was hanging around the stadium after the game was over and just about everyone was gone. I sometimes jumped the gate and hung out there by myself when there was no game and it was all closed, with no one around. I had even jacked off once in the dark below the bleachers, thinking of all the older boys that had sweated out on the field, as they secretly lusted for each others' tight butts and more.So I was hanging around the lower bleachers and thought everyone had left, when I saw Tony across the field. To my surprise he waved so I waved back. Then I suddenly realized he was actually coming toward me, over to where I was, and I panicked. I don't know why, because I wanted his attention, and in fact I wanted a lot more too but I had long since given up on that, or tried to anyway. Now he walked right up to me, so I tried to act cool and I said something that I'm sure sounded stupid and he laughed. That pissed me off so I started to leave, plus I was uptight because I liked him so much. But he grabbed my arm and, without saying a word, motioned for me to come with him. I didn't know what to think. By now everyone else was gone for sure, the place was empty and I was a little scared, but of course I was overjoyed that Tony would give me the time of day. So I followed him and we went under the bleachers a ways, not far from where I had jacked off that time.Tony led me back to a more secluded spot where it was pretty dark since the stadium lights had gone off, but there was kind of a pool of dim light from the lights in the parking lot behind the bleachers. There we stopped and he turned toward me. He finally spoke then and he told me that he knew something about me. I still remember this is exactly what he said, but I didn't know what he was getting at. I thought he was going to beat me up or something, but then he smiled a little and said that I was a cute boy, and that pissed me off again... why did he have to fuckin' say 'cute'? But the way he said it gave me a different feeling too, so I just stood there. He came closer then, placing his big hands on my shoulders and, without saying another word, pushed me down on my knees. I felt a little shaky so I closed my eyes then and he must have felt me tremble a little as he ran his hands over my head and through my hair, feeling my ears and just touching my face gently. I wasn't feeling scared after that, and my fears had turned to excitement but I kept my eyes closed, half-afraid it might be a dream, like so many I had of Tony. Suddenly I no longer felt his hands on me so I opened my eyes and I watched as Tony unzipped his pants and pushed them down, along with his briefs. I couldn't believe what was happening and thought of all the times I had beat off just imagining something like this with him. I felt like I couldn't get my breath and my pulse raced like crazy. His thighs were muscular, not as hairy as his legs, but with short black hairs everywhere except on his inner thighs, which were smooth as ivory. I became more excited as I took it all in. The fall night air was getting chilly, making my nipples hard and they were brushing against the rough fabric of my shirt, making my dick stiffen in my briefs. I reached out slowly and touched his left thigh, tracing a line of hard muscle, but when I began to move up,一本大道香一蕉久在线播放a Tony took my hand and stopped me. I started to say something but he cut me off, placing a hand over my mouth, but just for a second, then taking it away and laying it back on my shoulder. The feeling of him being in control gave me a sensation I had never known so I let him completely take over. I knew then that was what he wanted, because at that moment his breathing quickened and he gripped my shoulders hard, then with one hand below my chin he tipped my face upward. Looking up I saw his dick, standing straight out with full, heavy balls hanging beneath it. It wasn't real long but so big-around I couldn't believe it, thick and hard and a perfect shape. The tip of his dick-head was slightly wet with pre-cum and I just stared transfixed, amazed that I was actually so close to Tony's cock, throbbing there right above my face. He guided my head right up to it so I opened my mouth and put my lips on just the head of his dick and I heard him sigh. It felt so smooth against my lips and I just lightly licked across the opening, tasting his salty pre-cum. I pulled back just a bit then so I could look up at him and I saw that he was looking right at me. I got so turned on then and ran my tongue over just the tip again, then all over his dick-head and finally took it into my mouth, just the big head at first and then slowly slid his entire cock right into my mouth. He gave another long sigh and gently stroked my ears and face while I slowly began sucking his dick there under the bleachers in the fall night air. I didn't want to ever stop and I realized he was sorta whispering to me, urging me on, telling me to take his cock and saying how soft and wet my lips were around his dick. That made my own cock hard as hell so I unzipped, and worked my pants down but never stopped sucking Tony as I grabbed my cock and pulled on my balls. While I sucked and slid my mouth all around Tony's dick, he kept his hands on my face, touching it all over and probing inside my mouth as I took his big dick in, and feeling along the shaft as it slid out. Then pulling all the way out, he pressed his hot dick on my face and I licked all over it, and his fingers too. While he held his dick I moved down to his balls, tonguing all around them as they swung heavy against his inner thighs. While I licked his balls Tony worked his cock, not jacking but squeezing it lightly over and over really fast, making it swell up even more. I heard him moan as I buried my young face in his big balls and breathed in his strong scent. It was so damn sexy and I got so excited that I became dizzy and my dick throbbed in my hand, stiffer than ever before. As I pushed against his heavy nuts, I opened my mouth and tried to take one in my mouth but they were too big, so I licked under them and all around again. Suddenly he moaned louder and reached down, pulled my head back and desperately shoved his dick back into my mouth. It went so deep I gagged a bit, so I caught my breath and started to suck him again, but he grabbed my head and held it still. He wanted to move himself inside my mouth, wanted me still while he fucked my face, so I opened all the way for him. He started very slowly, so slow that I could taste every inch of his dick as he pumped my mouth and moved his hips so his cock pushed all around inside my mouth and almost down into my throat, but I didn't gag again, I was too far into it. Then he began moving faster but steady. I felt myself in-synch with his motions, moving with him, so he just let go and totally fucked my face. I grabbed around his hairy legs and held on to steady myself and a couple of times he almost shoved me backwards to the ground with his thrusts. He pumped into me in a kind of frenzy and kept screwing my mouth until I could hear him start to moan and build. But I didn't want him to cum yet, so I tightened my lips around his dick until he slowed down a bit, until finally he was barely moving in my mouth, breathing hard but steady.Still I knew he couldn't hold off much longer no matter what happened and already he had leaked so much pre-cum that my face was wet with it. He had stopped thrusting but was already almost to the point of no return and he was holding very still in a way that told me he he could explode any second. So, very carefully I slid his cock from my mouth inch by inch, until my lips rested on the shaft right below the head, and I explored his fat dick-head with my tongue, tracing the thick ridge around it, and then below until I found that most sensitive spot, and hungry for all his cum I held nothing back now as I ran my tongue over it again and again. Suddenly I felt Tony's dick jump in my mouth and I quickly looked up at him, still working his cock. Our eyes met and I could see he was almost ready to explode so I returned my full attention to his dick. I went down on him almost all the way then tightened my hand around the base of his shaft, making his cock swell and pulse as it filled my mouth. With my other hand I reached for his balls and felt them tighten, so I pulled back a bit so I could lick harder and faster underneath his swollen dick-head until I heard him start making all kinds of sounds from deep in his throat, building until finally one long moan of pleasure as he said "Oh fuck yeah... I'm gonna shoot off.. right..now!" I wanted to watch him cum so I pulled my mouth off of him, grabbed his dick with both hands and beat it off while he spurted all over my face and neck. I was so excited that I had to feel his last spurts with my mouth around his dick so I slid my lips back around it as it jerked and shot. When I did that Tony lost all control and grunted like an animal as he squirted the rest of his load in my mouth. His voice trembled with excitement and he cried out,"Oh god, oh fuck.. I'm shootin' off in your hot mouth, god yeah, all inside your cute mouth..oh fuck-yeah!" That put me over the edge too and I shot my load right then and fell back onto the ground, still ejaculating. As soon as my mouth slid off of Tony's dick he moaned and grabbed it, squeezing out the last drops of cum. He leaned back against a post with his eyes closed as he slowed down, repeating over and over, "oh god, oh damn". He had shot so much that it covered not only my face and neck but was all over the front of my shirt. My dick had been pointing straight up when I shot, so my cum had gone all over my shirt too, blending with Tony's and all of it together was making big wet spots. I reached and pulled my shirt away from my skin, but it stuck to my swollen nipples, sending deep shudders all through me. I needed something to wipe myself off with but all I had was my shirt, so I stripped it off and used a dry edge on my face and neck. But my chest was wet too and my nipples were covered with cum, Tony's and mine. I was gazing down at them and feeling the cool night air play around them when I heard Tony stir. I looked over and saw him staring, right at my big erect boy-nipples, all drenched in our juices. I flushed hot all over and started to feel the embarrassment I sometimes did, but then I realized this wasn't like the stupid boys at the pool. The look on Tony's face was something very different, and as he gazed at me there on the ground under the bleachers, a thrill ran through me as I knew beyond any doubt that he would own my young body and I would give it all to him, any time he wanted. What happened with Tony the next time will have to wait, 'cause I got a boner that won't. Ca va!


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