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avoiding the head日日摸日日碰人妻无码

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avoiding the head日日摸日日碰人妻无码

This has been a long time coming and I’m sorry I have kept you all waiting. Needless to say that I’m glad to continue this story through what I had planned when I was writing this story more regularly. For those of you who don’t know I have started another series based off of Sean from chapter 6 of this series. You can find it at on my profile. I hope you enjoy it. Otherwise, enjoy the story. I do plan to keep writing the series so check back now and then. Also, you can now e-mail me at Cboyny@gmail.com.Chapter 9 – The Road Less TravelledI walked out of the heat of the Florida day and into the cool, dark hotel lobby. I knew what I wanted to do now. It was all clear. When we got back to New York I would come out to my parents. I wasn’t sure how they’d take it but I don’t think it would be too bad. My extended family might be a little trickier but whatever. If they have a problem with it they can go fuck themselves. School shouldn’t be a problem at all.Now Steven, I didn’t know how he’d respond. I knew he loves me but I didn’t know if he’d actually want to be with me or just loved me and liked the sex. If I came out would he want to be with me? Would he shun me? Would he come out?I decided to put those thoughts out of my head and go up to the room. Steven should be up by now and I figured we could have a nice day. I caught the elevator and took it up to our floor. I opened the door to the room but found it empty. Steven was nowhere to be found though the bed was still messed up. In the center of the bed was my bathing suit with a note.“Dunno where you are. At the pool. Join me.-Steven”Guess I should go see what’s up.I took a quick piss, admired myself in the mirror, and then changed. I slipped on my sandals and headed down. Oddly I hadn’t even figured out where the pool was yet. I saw a sign in the elevator that the pool was out back which made sense. But hey, ya never know. Some hotels have pools in the basement. I later learned that there really aren’t basements in Florida. Something about the water table.I felt awkward walking through the lobby in my bathing suit and sandals. It was much more formal than I was dressed. I went through the automatic doors and out to the back of the hotel.Steven was lying in a lounge chair on the far side of the pool. He looked so hot just relaxing in the sun. In my pants my dick stirred a little but didn’t do much else. I was safe for now.It didn’t hurt that the pool area was basically abandoned with a pale guy trying desperately to get a tan in the far corner.I walked over and plopped down on Steven’s chair, frightening him out of his half slumber. He smiled that cute little brother smile of his.“You made it. Where were you?”“I went out for a bit. Had some thinking to do. Needed someone to bounce some ideas off of.”“K? Have fun?”“I guess,” I said, smacking his leg “How’s the water?”“I dunno. I was waiting for you.” “Awww. How sweet” I said, teasingly.“Shut up.”I flipped off my sandals and dipped my toes into the pool. It was a little cold but that was fine. It was hot as balls out anyway. Ignoring my aversion to cold water I jumped into the pool and quickly went under letting the water wash over me. When I came back up Steven was getting up and taking his shirt off to get in.I ducked back under the water and swam to the other side of the pool. I surfaced and look back as Steven slowly climbed into the pool using the ladder. Weirdo. He flinched as he got into the water at waist-level. Haha… That’s why I jumped in. Everybody hates that point where their balls hit cold water. After a couple seconds he just let go and let himself fall into the water and went under.He swam over to me and surfaced right as I splashed water in his direction and swam away. Despite my strategic attack he was not delayed for long and caught up with me very quickly as I swam towards the shallow end. He caught me but I quickly escaped again when I started to pull his bathing suit down and he had to hold it up. We splashed around, chasing each other through the pool, for around 20 minutes before that got old. Honestly, I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. How much time can you spend slashing each other in a pool past the age of ten?After we’d bored of being five again we decided to go explore the rest of the pool complex. Though the hotel wasn’t great it did boast of a gym, locker rooms, a spa, and a sauna on a card in the room. What the hell? We had nothing better to do. So we dried off as best we could and wandered in through the door.Though it was summer the hotel wasn’t crowded at all. We had chosen the hotel because of its proximity to the school I was interested in so it wasn’t near any of the theme parks or other tourist attractions in the area. It catered mostly to people like us and business men who needed a place to sleep and that was about it. And while I’d seen plenty of them in the lobby it was the early afternoon on a weekday and they were all doing more important things or cheating on their wives. Maybe both? As a result the indoor pool complex was even more deserted than outside. There wasn’t a soul in sight.The gym was pretty pathetic; a couple exercise machines aimed at two TVs in a windowless room. The spa was closed so we didn’t get a view of that and the sauna seemed to be out of order. What a crock. But the locker room was open and was deserted like the rest of the place. It was like having a whole world to yourself. The locker room wasn’t much different from the ones I’d experienced in middle school though it lacked the overwhelming odor of Axe body spray that permeated from post-PE pubescent boys everywhere. I’d call that absence a positive aspect of this locker room.The abandoned state of the locker room seemed to give Steven some ideas of his own which didn’t seem to involve Axe though it did involve pubescent boys in general and two in particular. I noticed that there seemed to be a bulge forming in the front of his bathing suit.“Whatchya thinking?” I asked.“Just that we shouldn’t waste an empty locker room. How many people have fantasies about fucking in locker rooms?”“I like the way you think,” I said with a grin on my face. I couldn’t say the idea hadn’t crossed my mind, “So what do you think? In the showers? Up against a locker? Bent over a bench?” The possibilities of locker room sex are practically endless if not horribly cliché. “Why not all of them?”“Works for me.” My dick was getting hard now and his bathing suit looked like it would be ripping soon if I didn’t do something.I pulled Steven over to the locker and started kissing him. He took the hint and pushed me up against the locker, grinding his cloth-covered cock against me.“So you want me to fuck you in a locker room huh?”He was trying to be sexy or something. It wasn’t working.“Shut up.”I pushed my lips against his again and slipped my tongue into his mouth. Steven moaned softly as our tongues caressed each other inside his mouth. Though we’d fucked a lot over the last week it was somewhat a surprise to me when I realized that we’d barely kissed at all. I don’t know why; we just hadn’t. I liked the feeling of his tongue against mine and moaned right back to him. It was fucking hot but I wanted more. I broke off the kiss and worked my way to his neck. I lightly nipped at his neck before kissing it and then sucking on that same spot for a second causing his knees to falter and a gasp to escape from him. I wanted to go longer but figured our parents would notice a hickey so I moved on. I kept kissing down his body, taking a short stop to suck on a nipple, on my way to his hard cock.When I was finally down on my knees in front of his tented board shorts my dick twitched in anticipation of what I knew was soon going to be in my mouth. I slowly untied the string at the front and then peeled his shorts down. His cock had gotten pushed down a bit so that it rested almost horizontally across his leg inside his shorts. As I peeled them down I was first greeted by my little brother’s patch of pubic hair. I sniffed it, reveling in his scent, before peeling his shorts down even further and revealing the base of his big cock.I kept pulling down and was rewarded by the full length of his dick popping up in front of my eyes. The unnatural length stood out from his body proudly. The large, purple head glistened tempted me with a single drop of precum that glistened on his peehole. His foreskin was back, behind his head. My brother’s cock was magnificent; a 9” weapon on a sexy, virile boy. I licked my lips.I inhaled softly, taking in his musky teen scent before using a finger to push his cock up against his stomach. I leaned in and licked his ball sack. It was loose in the warm, dry air of the abandoned locker room and the wetness of my tongue caused his balls to move inside. I repressed a giggle. I looked up at Steven’s face as I opened my mouth and slowly took one of his large balls inside. His mouth dropped open and his eyes closed as I started to suck on his ball, rolling it around it my mouth, caressing it with my tongue.“Fuck yeah”, he moaned.I softly let the first ball fall out of my mouth and moved on to the next one. I savored the slightly salty taste of his sweat and the chlorine of the pool.As much as I loved his balls that wasn’t what I was down on my knees for. It was just a small snack on my way to the main course that is my brother’s huge cock.I kept my finger holding his cock straight up as I softly kissed where his balls met his cock. Slowly I kissed my way up the right side of his shaft until I was just under the head of his cock. I went back down and repeated the same on the left side of his cock. With each soft contact of my lips with his hard shaft I could feel it twitch and throb. I pulled back and looked up at him. There was a hunger in his eyes.“Such a fucking tease”, he hissed at me.I grinned back at him. He was ready to fuck already but I was going to have at least a short taste of his cock first.I leaned in and licked the base of his shaft and pulled back slightly. I licked again in the same spot feeling him twitch. I licked up his shaft, getting it wet with my spit. That would come in handy soon enough. Like with the kisses I went up each side in turn, avoiding the head, teasing him as long as possible. This was going to be fun. I licked him up and down for a minute, savoring the feel of his cock against my tongue. The iron hardness of his young cock beneath the soft cock skin. The way some of the veins stood out against the rest of the shaft. I loved his cock.Finally, an end to the teasing. I licked up the underside of the shaft. But this time, instead of going back down, I flicked the tip of my tongue against the underside of his head, caressing his frenulum. I moved his cock down so that I was looking at it dead on. A dollop of precum oozed out of his piss hole and I lapped it up. It was thick and sweet, just like I like it. I slowly pumped his cock letting the foreskin roll just over the edge of his pink glans. Another drop oozed out. I looked up at Steven one last time, meeting gaze, before I opened my mouth and took the large head of his cock inside. He moaned and closed his eyes as I went down as far on his cock as I could. Of course, with his size, that was little more than half of his large slab of meat but I did my best.Steven ran his fingers through my hair as I started to bob on his cock. Each time I backed off I swirled my tongue around the spongy head. I made sure to use a lot of spit on his cock. As much as I loved sucking it I had other plans. I was going to have my brother’s cock inside my ass in this locker room.“Fuck yeah! Suck it.”I pulled off his cock and grinned at him.“You like my mouth on your cock?”“I love your mouth on my monster cock.”“You’re so full of yourself.”“No,1000部啪啪未满十八勿入免费 but you’re about to be.”“Nice one. How long did it take you to think of that?”“Just shut up and stand facing the locker.”“Yes sir.” I said sarcastically.I knew what to do. Not like he’d never fucked me before. I pulled off my bathing suit, leaned against the locker, and spread my legs to give Steven better access to my ass. I waited while he knelt down behind me and got into position. He put his hands on my ass and pulled my cheeks apart exposing my hole to the warm tongue which was quickly pressed against it.Steven licked up my crack before zeroing in and my still-tight hole and began his assault. For several minutes the locker room was filled with my moans as my little brother ate out my ass.His tongue entered me more times than I could count as he got me ready for what was to come. Finally, when I was about to ask him to fuck me he stopped.“You might want to get me a little wet” he suggested.I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth again, slobbering it up as much as I could. I was pretty loose now but some lube always helps. I stood back up and braced myself against the lockers, my ass out towards the room. I wiggled it to entice my brother further, as if to beckon him inside me. Not that I had to. I waited, breathlessly, for my brother to make contact. My cock was rock hard and sticking out from my body. Precum was seeping from the slit.I felt Steven’s hand on my left hip and quickly felt the head of his cock between my cheeks. He pushed forward and his cock went down, the head going under and hitting my balls. He pulled back and pushed again. His cock went up this time. I moaned as I felt him put his head directly against my hole. Applying pressure he rubbed his cock up and down my crack. I hated it when he teased me like this but it felt so good too. Each time the head hit my hole I breathed in, expecting him to enter me, only to be disappointed.“What are you waiting for?” I whined.“Just thought I’d make you really want it.”“You’ve won. Stick that fucking cock in me!”He placed his cock back at my hole and started to push in. I’d been fucked a lot lately and I really wanted his cock so he met with little resistance. I felt my hole open up as my brother pushed the full length of his cock into me. My mouth dropped open as I pushed my ass back at him, increasing the rate at which he entered me. Finally I could feel his pubes against my ass and I knew that his whole length was inside me.“God! This never gets old.” Steven said, pulling my hips back and pushing forward to get every last centimeter into me making me moan like a little bitch in response.“Fuck me!”Steven laughed as he started to pull his cock out of me and then pushed back into me. I braced myself harder against the lockers as he began to fuck me hard. Each time he thrust into me he pushed the air out of me and I grimaced a bit in pain. I was still somewhat sore from last night and his cock wasn’t helping me return to normal. I groaned too though as he long-dicked me, each thrust hitting against my prostate and sending a wave of pleasure through my body. I whimpered.He pulled out of me. I felt empty.“Get on the bench.”Seemed like Steven wanted to live every gay porn cliché involving a locker room. I guess I couldn’t complain. Locker room scenes were in porn for a reason and it wasn’t because people hated them. I put our clothes on top of the bench to cushion myself and then lay down on my back. Metal benches hurt, even through the clothes I was laying on. Steven positioned himself between my spread legs and looked down at me. He spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down the length of his shaft, relubing himself to continue the fuck. He lowered himself down between my legs and put his cock against my hole. The head was so thick that I couldn’t help but prepare myself for the impending invasion. But my hole was defenseless against the invasion of my little brother’s cock into my ass. He quickly slid the length into me and then rested a second before pulling out and shoving it back in.He arced over my body as he fucked me. His right hand was next to my head, holding on to the bench. His left hand was on my side, holding me in place as he fucked me hard. I could feel droplets of sweat landing on my stomach. For a minute we both looked between us at his cock sliding in and out of me. But before long I had my head back and my eyes closed as the pleasure washed over me. I reached for my own cock and started to stroke it in time with my brother’s thrusts into my hole.I opened my eyes to see my brother staring down at me. He slowed down his thrusting and leaned down towards my face. He leaned in and kissed me. It wasn’t the kiss of a brother for another but a kiss between lovers. Our tongues touched inside my mouth as he aggressively kissed me, my mind spinning in endorphins between his cock in my ass and his tongue in my mouth. I moaned involuntarily.Steven broke the kiss and our eyes met again. He sped back up his thrusting. I wouldn’t mind if this fuck lasted longer but I knew it couldn’t last forever. We had already been at it for more than ten minutes and the longer we fucked the larger the risk that someone would walk in on us. I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast before cumming inside me.“Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock.” I said to urge him on.He gave me a look as if to say “You got it.” before ramming his cock into me even harder. He grabbed my shoulders with both of his hands and sped up fucking his cock into me. Each thrust tried to push me up the bench but his arms kept me in place. The slap of his flesh against mine, my moans, and his groans echoed from the tiled walls of the locker room. I could see his approaching orgasm in his face. I could hear it in his breathing. I could feel it in his fuck. It wasn’t going to be much longer.“Do it. Cum inside your brother. I want your cum inside me.”Steven redoubled his efforts and fucked me even harder.“I’m so close Charlie.”I was still jacking off but I could tell that there was no way I was going to cum while he was fucking me. It just wasn’t going to happen.He was really close now. His thrusts were getting erratic and his breathing was ragged. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck…”He pushed into me as far as he could and I felt him pulse as he unloaded his cum into me. My little brother’s cum flooded my insides as his sperm futilely sought out an egg to fertilize. He was pushing his sperm deep inside of me, trying to knock me up.“Give me all of it!” I gasped as he made several small thrusts into me with each spurt.He practically collapsed on top of me as he finished his orgasm. His cock remained in me, the last of his cum slowly leaking out of the softening shaft, as he caught his breath.I reached up and stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head.“I love you.” I whispered.“I love you too.” My brother said back.I felt complete in that moment. My brother, whom I loved more than any guy ever should, loved me back and we’d just had sex. Not that we hadn’t had sex more times in the last two weeks than I could count but it was still amazing every time. And it wasn’t that this was the first time he’d told me he loved me either. But I was in heaven nonetheless.He lay on top of me for a moment longer before slowly getting off. He reached back and untangled my ankles from around him. I’d used them to pull him in deeper while he was cumming and had forgotten about them. Slowly he pulled his cock out of me. Semi-soft it was still an inch longer than my hard cock. Lucky bastard I thought until I felt his cock completely leave my hole and realized that I was the lucky one getting fucked by it on a regular basis. After the head left me I felt a trail of my brother’s cum start to leave my hole. Steven noticed it too.“Looks like we need to get you cleaned up.” “What did you have in mind?” I asked.“How about a nice, hot shower?”That sounded good but I was still hard.“Get up.”I clenched my hole as much as possible as I sat up. My back hurt and my ass was leaking but I managed to stand and slowly walk with Steven towards the showers. A small trickle of his seed flowed out my hole and down my leg. We entered and Steven turned on one of the showers. He held me from behind and slowly stroked my cock as we waited for the water to warm up. His soft cock was between my cheeks causing my ass to pucker and more cum to drip out. I’d just been fucked and used as a cumdump and I wanted to be fucked again.The water was warm and we got under. The radius of the spray wasn’t very wide and so we were very close together. Steven got some body wash from a dispenser on the wall and started to rub me down with it using his hands. When he got to my ass he rubbed each of my cheeks in turn and then ran his hand up and down my crack, passing over my hole, before sliding a finger in. I gasped and he chuckled before pulling his finger out.“You’ve got an amazing ass.” He said.He washed my cock and then put me under the water to rinse off. While the soap ran off my body my brother got down on his knees in front of me and, after making sure I was suds free, took my cock into his mouth.I’d been fucked hard and was horny as hell so I knew I wasn’t going to last long thought my lack of experience probably didn’t help either. His lips were tight around my cock and his mouth was warm and wet. He bobbed up and down on my cock as my head spun and I reached out my arm to brace myself against the wall. He took his head off my cock for a second and sucked on a finger before sliding it into my ass and returning to my swollen cock.“Oh fuck.”Steven was using his finger just right. He was rubbing my prostate and the constant pressure was sending waves of pleasure radiating from inside my ass throughout my body. I felt my orgasm building from deep inside me but with a different feeling than normal. It was like there was a pressure inside me pushing the cum out of my cock. “Oh…God. I’m gonna cum!”He pushed his finger harder against my prostate and bobbed faster. The orgasm didn’t feel like an explosion so much as a mushroom cloud. It started off slow, an intense pleasure from the base of my cock and then rapidly expanded through my body and up the shaft and out the tip. “Uhhh…ooooooooh”It didn’t feel like I shot like usual but just gushed a huge amount of semen into his mouth instead. I wasn’t even sure how much I came but my brother kept prodding my prostate and sucking my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore. It was all too much. My knees had weakened during my orgasm and now they started to fail me and I started to slide down. Steven caught me and gently put me down on the floor under the shower. He looked concerned.“Are you ok?”I couldn’t talk but I nodded my head. He stroked my hair and kissed me on my forehead. We sat under the spray of the shower and Steven held me as my strength returned. The orgasm I’d experienced was so powerful it was if he’d sucked the strength out of my body. I felt like I was made of jelly at first but after a little while my strength returned and we stood up. He helped me get dressed and dry off when we got to the room. He stripped me down and tucked me into bed where I passed out.I awoke an hour later alone in the room. The lamp between the beds was on but all the other lights were off leaving the room dimly lit. The bathroom door was open and the light was off. Steven wasn’t in there either. I noticed that the curtain was open a bit and that the balcony door was cracked. I got out of bed and put on a pair of boxers before walking over to the sliding glass door. Steven was on the balcony seemingly staring out into the night.I slowly pulled the door open, the noise of the door causing Steven to turn towards me. His eyes were red; it looked like he had been crying. My heart dropped and I felt an incredible urge to hold him and make everything better. I could see sadness in his face though he smiled when he looked at me.“You ok?” I asked.“Yeah. I just wish this vacation didn’t have to end.”I knew what he’d been thinking. I’d had the same thoughts.“When we go home everything is going to have to go back to the way it was before. Won’t it?” He looked confused.“They don’t have to.” I said, “Things are going to change.”“Like what?”“Well, I’m… I’m gonna come out.”“Why would you do that?”Steven looked kind of shocked as though coming out were a ridiculous idea.“Because it is what I want to do. I’m gay. You’ve helped me understand that. I’ve been confused for a long time and you helped me understand who I really am. I don’t want to pretend that I’m something I’m not.”“And where does that leave me? Where do I fit in?”“I- I don’t know.”“I’m not coming out Charlie. I love you but I’m not gay. I don’t want to be gay. I just want to be with you.”I was at a loss for words. This was everything that I’d worried about when I was talking with Sean this morning. How could we be together if he wasn’t gay? “I want a relationship Steven.”“We can have a relationship.”“We can try. But we can’t go on dates. We can’t be a couple.”What I was saying now dawned on him.“I don’t want a secret relationship Steven. I want a real relationship. I want a boyfriend that I can introduce to my friends and go to school dances with.”“Charlie…”“Even if you wanted to do that we couldn’t anyway…”My voice trailed off as I started to cry. I turned around and went back into the hotel room as tears ran down my face. I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I put the lid of the toilet down and sat on it as I cried. I did want those things. I wanted a real relationship. I wanted to be with Steven but I wanted him to be a boyfriend, a real boyfriend. I sat on the toilet and cried about the situation for a while. It was hard for me to accept that I might not be able to get everything I wanted.I eventually calmed down, brushed my teeth, and went out into the room. Steven was already asleep. That wasn’t a problem but for the first time in almost two weeks he was sleeping in the other bed. I would be sleeping alone. I felt empty as I crawled into the large, empty bed and curled up to drift to sleep.End Chapter 9



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